Fédération de Vo Co Truyen Vietnam de France.

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The Thiệu Hồ presentation

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Thieu Ho


The Thieu Ho School was created in September 2005. The trainer Mohand Nouraoui is a certificated black belt (3rd Dan). His training was in Han Bai style and this is the style of the lessons taught in the School.

The School has been successful for five years through events, training courses with Vietnamese Masters and victories: 3 France Champions (fight and technique), 2 selected for the France championship, 9 medals at the national championship, and 10 medals at the Minh Long Open.

For three years, the School has suggested training courses during 15 days in July in Vietnam. It takes place in a Vo Co Truyen school with Vietnamese Masters, in partnership with the Vietnamese Martial Arts Federation.

For more information, see us on our website : http://www.thieuho.fr


Translated by Evelyne Vallée

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